Reimagining Insurance
for a New Generation

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A family of five, dog included!
A multicultural family of 4

At Reframe, we are focused on helping today’s families prepare for the financial issues of aging - keeping you and your loved ones covered for life.

Our innovations are inspired by bold thinking, the latest advances in technology, and a passion for improving people’s lives


The financial issues of aging for Millennials and Gen Xers are on the forefront of our minds, and drive everything we do.

Big thinking

We aren’t afraid to think big and challenge the status quo to develop new kinds of insurance that address multiple needs with a single solution. 


Our industry-first processes for sales and underwriting have been informed by data and customer insights and designed by our talented tech team.

All managed on one platform

Our single, streamlined platform built with the latest software and technology makes it easy for our customers to get policy information and track performance, make changes, and file claims.

Our Product dashboard, the place where you can find everything you need for your business
Nathaniel and his grandfather

It’s the solution my family didn’t have.

“I’ve seen the financial drain of aging first-hand. My family spent over $800,000 to care for my grandfather during his five year battle with Alzheimer’s. I created Reframe so that families don’t have to deal with crippling aging costs ever again.”

– Nathaniel Krasnoff, CEO

Meet our Leadership team

Nathaniel Krasnoff


Loida Abraham


Karan Aneja


Alec Feuerstein

Head of Engineering

Laura Vail Wooster

Head of Marketing

Ray Dinstel

Head of Insurance Ops

Ryan Currie

Head of Tech Product

Elizabeth Taylor

Associate Actuary

David J. Bidwell

Senior Vice President of Sales

Kristen Martin Eldridge

National Accounts Director